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Issue #668 resolved

Opening a Pull Request of Cherry-Picked Changesets Fails

NaTosha Bard
created an issue

If you go to http://demo.rhodecode.org/test-repo-natosha-fork/changelog and select, for example, the two most recent changesets in the log (they are both on the 'stable' branch, not on 'default'), and click "Open new pull request for selected changesets", you will be re-directed to the "new pull request" page for that fork, that has discarded your selection and is instead comparing default tip of the fork to default tip of the parent.

Comments (3)

  1. NaTosha Bard reporter

    I have verified that this issue actually has nothing to do with branches -- creating a review with only selected changesets does not work in the most simple of cases. To go http://demo.rhodecode.org/natosha-repo1-fork/changelog and try to create a pull request with only the single most recent changeset -- when being transferred to the "New Pull Request" page, the selection of changesets is completely disregarded and you only have an option to create a pull request with all outgoing changesets.

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