Commits appear to be disappearing

Issue #703 resolved
Hasani Hunter created an issue

I just upgraded to 1.5.1 from 1.4.4 last night and I am seeing what it appears be latest commits are listed in the summary but when I view the details of the commit, I get a message stating that the commit doesn't exist in the repo.

This only seems to affect the tip

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    does this changeset really doesn't exists ? Also do you use vcs_full_cache option in .ini file ?

  2. Hasani Hunter reporter

    Yes the changeset does exist ( hg log -l 1 shows the commit ) and I do have vcs_full_cache option set to True in production.ini

  3. Hasani Hunter reporter

    I recently created another repo and noticed the same behavior ( the last commit appears briefly and then disappears, but it is still in the repo ). I should also mention that I am using sqlite as the database.. not sure if that helps


  4. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Looks like issue with cache invalidation, you can invalidate it via admin->repo->settings, or turn off vcs_full_cache to see if this is the problem.

  5. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Cache is invalidated every push, did you somehow changes some changesets from outside of RhodeCode ?

  6. Andrew Hamilton

    I've been seeing this behavior since I upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2. I manually invalidated the cache as described above but it did not fix the issue.

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