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Issue #712 resolved
Ton Plomp created an issue

I'm building an API-client for LabVIEW (https://bitbucket.org/tcplomp/rhodecode-api-for-labview/wiki/Home) and i'm seeing that some API methods are missing:

  • update_user (to change user details)
  • update_repo (to change the repository details)
  • update_users_group (to change the users groups details)
  • remove_users_group (to remove a users group)
  • get_repo_groups (to list the repo_groups under a given group, parameter would be parent_group)
  • get_server_details (would return version for instance)

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  1. Brandon Jones

    I would like to add more API Methods that I would like to see to Ton's list here:

    • create_repo_group (create a repository group, set permissions, etc)
    • update_repo_group (modify a created repository group)
    • delete_repo_group (delete a repository group only if group has no subrepositories or subgroups)

    I'm aware that create_repo handles any / and creates the groups appropriately, but we set a certain permission set to each group and would want to be able to control that.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    In RhodeCode 2.0 we implemented:

    get_ip (Shows IP address as seen from RhodeCode server)
    get_server_info (as in here: get_server_details)
  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Please be aware of changed users_group => user_groups. users_group was bad spelling

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