Error when using reverse proxy.

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Zachary Greve created an issue

I am running RhodeCode on an Apache instance listening on a port other than 80 on my Windows Server 2012 computer. It appears that when IIS proxies to Apache, a port number is appended to the IP address, and that causes an error when the Allowed IP Addresses system tries to parse it. I have confirmed that the error occurs only when a reverse proxy is in place. Going to the IP Address:Apache Port 'url' works fine.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Is this a default behavior that IIS does append port number ? can it be turned off ? I guess also it makes the action logs for rhodecode store this IP with port number right ?

  2. Zachary Greve reporter

    You are right. IIS was appending the TCP port from the client (i.e. my laptop). Disabling that in the proxy settings fixed the error.

    IIS has way to many options and way to little useful documentation. :sigh:

    This issue can be considered closed.

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