Delete Repository for Non-System-Admins does not work: 403 Forbidden

Issue #739 resolved
Kyrodan created an issue

A user that is repository-admin could not delete the repository from his "My Account" (/_admin/my_account#my) page under "My Repositories". After clicking on "delete" a messagebox appears and after confirming the deletion a "403 Fordbidden" pages shows up (_admin/repos/<group>/<reponame>).

A system administrator is able to delete this repository with no problems.

I think this bug is new in 1.5.x and worked in 1.4.4 for sure.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Thanks for posting that. My mistake that i put the links to edit/delete as if user is a super user. It's now fixed in beta, and as a workaround you can always delete the repo in it's settings.

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