Do not implement the issue tracking system

Issue #790 new
David Vega created an issue

Wow, this must be a first: an issue not to do a feature. Here is why I think this is not prudent.

RhodeCode is a fantastic piece of software, it targets the —IMHO— not very well attacked niche of DVCS repo management, and it does great at focusing on this area. Adding an issue tracker will inevitably add weight to the system and decrease it's maintainability and reduce the speed of whatever new DVCS repo management features are at bay.

What I would suggest instead is making it more friendly to tie in other issue tracking systems, such as:

  • More flexibility in the admin section to configure regular expressions to identify issue links in commit messages
  • More hooks to trigger actions once those issue links are detected
  • Predetermined settings to configure the previous points for existing popular issue tracking systems, like: Redmine, Jira, Trac, Bugzilla, etc

If the system is implemented however, please allow a setting to disable it, as I wouldn't like my users to use 2 issue tracking systems at a time by accident.