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valentijnscholten created an issue


I use subgit to migrate from svn to git (

Subgit creates a lot of 'helper' commits in refs/svn/map, mainly to record the mapping from git commit to svn revision.

This works out fine, except for one thing.

All these helper commits show up in the RhodeCode changelog.

I had some discussion with the Subgit developers on this, and below is their answer.

Basically the helper commits show up in the output of 'git log -all --graph'.

If we could change that into 'git log --branches --tags --graph' it would solve this issue. However I can't oversee all the implications of this for other users.

So we could:

  • change the above for everyone
  • make the comman configurable
  • make a config switch to indicate whether to use --all of --branches and/or --tags.
  • make some config switches around --grep and --not to make a generic pattern thingy.

What are you thoughts on this?

I've put the response of the subgit developers an attachment.


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  1. valentijnscholten reporter

    In it seems the actual command is this:

    cmd = 'rev-list --all --reverse --date-order'

    But that's analogus to the log command, so we could use --branches --tags with that as well.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I cannot think of a case when --all would be better than --tags --branches, i think we should take the route of making it configurable, and leave defaults as they are now.

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