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Matīss Treinis created an issue

Favorite repositories could be quite useful feature for many users. For example, I have something about 50 repositories in nested groups. Kind of hard to navigate between all of them to find most used ones.

How i see favorites is dropdown icon-button in main panel which shows list of links to favorite repositories.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I had that in my mind some time ago. I think best solution would be to sort the repos from the repository dropdown, in most frequently accessed order. That way "favorited" repositories list would create itself

    Marcin Kuzminski

    On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 8:42 AM, Matiss Roberts Treinis <

  2. Matīss Treinis reporter

    Well, actually I can't agree with that. Favorites change with time, for example, when someone works with some 3 particular repos in one month, is them moved to other project or projects with 3 other repos in next month. This process should be user controllable.

    We have all seen the starring system in other projects, this solution, when user "stars" particular repositories and they become available in shortlist would be the best possible solution by my opinion. If so, it should also be possible to "unstar" repo in either repository view or shortlist of favorites.

    Practically, this would also require less changes to the Rhodecode - probably, one new DB table, few javascripts and few dozens of lines of code in backend.

    You can see here what I mean http://i.imgur.com/dDeu2eE.png

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    I agree the auto-sorting would be bad in the case of teams/people that often change their "favorite" repos.

    There's a watch/unwatch flag currently implemented in RhodeCode, and you can see a list of repos that you watch under _admin/journal. I think a good start would be to sort the repos in repositories dropdown by the watch flag+name. I wouldn't put another selector just for favorites, i would like to keep it in the repositories quick select.

    Now i wonder if there should be a additional fav attribute, or we can purely rely on the "watch" flag. Not sure if people watch a lot of repos to read the journal, but still would prefer to have only few of them as favorites. Any thoughts ?

  4. Matīss Treinis reporter

    I do watch many repositories via RSS to be aware on whats going on in other projects. That does not mean I would favorite them or that I even work with them.

    Quickselect could be used to show favorite/watched repositories by sorting them at the top by name, only it would be useful to visually separate them - favorites/watched from the rest of the repos by separator or with other font, or icon at best.

  5. David Vega

    The favorite attribute makes sense to me. I may be interested in the general activity of 50 repos, but I'd might want to mark 5 repos I work closely with (not necessarily within those 50)

    Watched and favorites should be separate lists IMHO.

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