SSH key based authentication, authorization and accountability

Issue #811 resolved
David Vega created an issue

A much needed feature is SSH key management for users as well as authentication as it is too cumbersome to be logging in each time you push or pull (when not opting to store your user and password in the hgrc file), specially when dealing with subrepos.

Authorization should be seamless in the sense that anyone with repo read permssions can only read and anyone with write or admin permissions can write.

Accountability should be in the form of logging down what key the user used to perform operations on repos.

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  1. David Vega reporter

    Nice to see the groundwork being done already!, where is SSH support in the roadmap though?, would it be too early to assign it a target milestone / version?

  2. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    After i merge rhodecode-pam (pluggable auth) branch i'm going into review of those changesets and try to merge-them and keep it sync for tests

  3. Fabien Devaux

    +1 At my company, we want to switch to RhodeCode in the next weeks and we absolutely need that feature...

    If it's not integrated in some way, is there some example of mercurial hooks (to use with mercurial servers) checking RhodeCode's database for authentication ?

  4. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Sorry this isn't implemented yet, it's doable to get the hooks working with RC authentication but i don't have any example code i could share.

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