Pull requests for a specifc changsets in changelog doesn't work

Issue #824 duplicate
Jamus Jegier created an issue

Pull request for a changesets that's not a branch or tag doesn't work on 1.6.0rc1 or latest beta tip (7d988c308533). It worked on 1.5.4. I've seen it return no changesets, or a group of changesets unrelated to the changeset requested. An example of this issue on the demo server is this new pull request: http://demo.rhodecode.org/rhodecode/pull-request/new?rev_start=d30c0a9867c477610d13002341fdc73e07b29f6e&rev_end=d30c0a9867c477610d13002341fdc73e07b29f6e

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  1. Jamus Jegier reporter

    After your explanation of issue #823, I believe what I saw on this issue was the fact that you can't specify an ending revset. I'll mark this one as a duplicate.

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