pull request - too many files changes

Issue #833 resolved
Roger Kratz created an issue
  1. Clone from X
  2. Work on clone
  3. Merge latest from X
  4. Work on clone
  5. Make a pull request clone -> x

In the pull request view, also "changes" made in the merge (3) is visible even though it won't modify anything on X if the pull request is applied.

We're still on version 1.5.1 if that matters.

( Or maybe this is by design and not a "bug"? )

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Not sure about this, we changed the pull-request merge logic in 1.6 completely could you check that error on 1.6rc1 ?

  2. Roger Kratz reporter

    Shown changes in the pull request - are they created when the pull request is created or calculated in runtime?

    The reason I ask is... If I upgrade, can I look at the same pull request to see if newer version behave differently or do I have to create a new pull request?

  3. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Only info stored are the changesets, and rest is calculated when you open a PR, so old PR should be recalculated based on the data.

  4. Roger Kratz reporter

    Oh - one thing more... When will next 1.6 version be released? We don't have any "test environment" of Rhodecode. Would prefer to wait X days before upgrading if a new release is coming "soon".

  5. Roger Kratz reporter

    I've updated to latest version but the "problem" (?) is still there. To be honest though, I don't know if this is by design or something that should be addressed.

    The "problem" is that if the clone/branch has pulled (and merged) target clone/branch before the pull request is made, the changes coming from target is shown in the pull request (even though the changes were originally made on the target branch).

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