Enhancement: don't convert symbolic revs to hashes in urls

Issue #855 new
Chuck Adams created an issue

One of my use cases for rhodecode is to version files that I then link to in documentation, where I always want it pointing either to the latest version or to a version I set a bookmark for. This creates URLs that are not only pretty, but since I use bookmarks like "metrics_20130529", they're sortable and still portable unlike revnums (I can't just check out revs by date, since these datestamps are backdated).

However, when browsing the source, the version in the URL is always the rather outsized sha hash, even after entering "tip" or one of the bookmark names into the URL. Sure, I can manually edit the URL and it works, but what would be handy would be if the location didn't change so I could browse to other files in the source keeping the same rev name and easily copy links to them in docs.

This behavior might not be desirable by everyone, so perhaps a "dereference revisions" option in config could optionally enable/disable this behavior?

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