Mail field not bind in user profile when use LDS

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zsv created an issue

I'm using RhodeCode 1.7.1 and LDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services). RhodeCode can not read the mail field in LDS. When I enter the rhode user in RhodeCode I see rhode@ldap.account. But when I use ldapsearch I see the correct field

Connection settings:

Enable LDAP = checked

Host = lds.example.dom

Port = 389

Account = CN=ldap_ro,OU=Local,DC=dom

Password = PASSWD

Connection Security = no encryption

Certificate Checks = NEVER

Search settings:

Base DN = DC=dom

LDAP Filter = (objectClass=userProxy)

LDAP Search Scope = SUBTREE

Attribute mappings:

Login Attribute = sAMAccountName

First Name Attribute = givenName

Last Name Attribute = sn

E-mail Attribute = mail

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Could it happen that when the user was created inside rhodecode database the email was empty ?

  2. zsv reporter

    I tried on a few users. Users was valid email. I have bug only use LDS. When I use Active Directory all right.

  3. zsv reporter

    I don't understand you. How can I do it? I attached file with output ldap search. LDS mail field - mail: AD mail field - mail:

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