Add the possibility to reset user DN manually

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Павел Батанов created an issue

Hello, I'm facing the problem, that I have migrated to another AD server with another user layout (with the same password though) and user authentication process failed. RhodeCode uses LDAP DN notation to user identification instead of principal notation (user@domain), which leads to impossibility of moving users along the AD tree without consequences (deleting user, and reown repositories).

As a workaround I suggest to implement a tick in user profile for admin, which allows RhodeCode to recheck user`s DN record on the next login and update it if needed.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    You could use ishell to edit them

    run with paster ishell yourinifile.ini then:

    In [1]: user = User.get_by_username('someuser')
    In [2]: user.ldap_dn = 'new_ldap_dn'
    In [3]: Session().add(user);Session().commit()
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