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zinzila/RhodeCode-annotate-fix RhodeCode-annotate-fix
marcinkuzminski/RhodeCode RhodeCode

Fix annotation layout on Windows. #553

  1. Alexey Larikov avatarAlexey Larikov

Fix annotation layout on Windows. File and annotation view now uses table formatting

Comments (3)

  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Switching to tables, breaks one feature that i think is important, you cannot select the code anymore since it will be selected with line numbers or annotation stuff. In previous implementation it's possible to simply select chunks of code for copy & paste. Currently it's not possible.

    Also i noticed small issue regarding annotations see screenshot -> http://imm.io/NHTQ

  2. Alexey Larikov author

    I see your point. It is indeed a good feature to be able copy&paste code. But for some files broken lines renders the whole view unusable. Check screenshots here: http://imm.io/NPKI http://imm.io/NPLF

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