Tagging support, welcome page, etc.

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  1. June Rhodes

Some hacks I made to allow users to tag repositories (i.e. give them statuses). You'd probably want to make the types of statuses stored in the database rather than just hardcoded in the CSS and helpers.py.

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  1. Marcin Kuzminski repo owner

    Hi, thanks for contribution ! I have few comments, first pls do changes only on beta branch. I see also this have a lot of other non related changes that i'm not sure we wan't to implement yet. ( I like clone points from svn and git !)

    in 1.3 beta we implemented readme file support that somehow is far move advanced than the welcome page. see https://secure.rhodecode.org/rhodecode/summary

    Can you change the pull request to only be about tagging short description ? Thanks.

    1. June Rhodes author

      It's actually just a single commit since I modified RhodeCode on my server to suit my needs and then ported the changes into a checked out version.

      I'd recommend that rather than pulling the commit in as-is, you just get the patches for the individual relevant files and apply them to the current beta branch (the commit never really was designed to be pulled in as-is as it does have a lot of unwanted stuff like the removal of public repo icons).

    2. June Rhodes author

      Oh and heads up, the subversion repo cloning for some reason doesn't work as it's currently written. I'm not sure why that doesn't work but you'll probably have a better understanding of that (GIT works fine) ;)