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Datastore Viewer

The datastore viewer is a simple but effective manager for create, modify and delete objects from the Google App Engine data store.


Currently the development is in 0.5 version. The features are:

  • List the models to be managed
  • List the content in the datastore for each kind of models.
  • Create new entities, modify the existing entities and delete them

Try it!

Try the manager with test data at: http://datastore-manager.appspot.com/_dv/

Datastore manager

Install in your Google APP

To use this manager you have to follow four simple steps:

  • Download the code at https://bitbucket.org/marcmolla/datastore-viewer/src. Only is required the datastoremanager module!
  • Include the datastoremanager package in your GAE application
  • Create a main script that calls the datastoremanager.viewer.runViewer function
  • Add to your app.yaml a handler for the main scripts

That's all!

Example of main script:

    from datastoremanager import viewer
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        viewer.runViewer('/_dv/', [MyModel1, MyModel2,])

The app.yaml should contains a handler definition for our script:

    - url: /_dv/.*
      script: main.py
      login: admin

Please note that the URL must be the same used in the runViewer call. The login directive is required for control de access to the datastore manager.