Refactor the management of cancelled activities

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Marco Bresciani
repo owner created an issue

Let's always use "Done" to close an activity, even a cancelled one. Let's add a "Cancelled" flag to easily filter out cancellation.

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  1. Marco Bresciani reporter

    It could be nicer to set a true/false flag in the "Deleted" column (renaming it as "Cancelled") while using the "Done" column for marking a finished (either way) activity.

  2. Marco Bresciani reporter

    The actual issue is that having empty cells in intermediate states (when putting some activity in "Cancelled"/"Done" state) disallows sorting by column states and dates (Done, In-Progress, Next, Deadline, Backlog, ID) so all other charts have to be either reviewed or created dynamically with macros and the like.

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