Unable to detect other Arduino Boards

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Issue #2 resolved
Jeff Brown created an issue

First of all so you know, I am trying this on Mac OS. I was successful in discovering an Arduino Uno however I am unable to discover two other boards that I have. The first is an Arduino Micro and the second is a XYZrobot1280 board. Not that I think it matters at this point but I added both boards to the BoardsTypeList like so:

    boardTypes.Add(new ArduinoBoardType("Arduino Micro", 13, 6, null));
    boardTypes.Add(new ArduinoBoardType("XYZrobot1280", 13, 6, null));

I am not sure what the exact number of ports should be for the analog and digital since the numbers you have don't seem to correlate to the specs of the Uno board but at this point I don't think it matters since the boards won't even respond to discovery.

Both boards do react to the "Discover ports" button press. The micro flashes the RX and TX LEDs and the XYZrobot1280 board will restart the sketch. At this point the warning on the console appears that it is "Impossible to get name on ..." The ports that show up in the console warning messages are the correct ports so I know its finding them.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Marc Teys repo owner

    Thanks for reporting the issue. Is the problem persists with other Serial speed ?

    I just bought the Arduino Micro to try it.

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