Mpu6050 Sample Freezing

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I'm trying the mpu6050 sample scene. When I press play it works for 10 seconds. Then the model in unity stops moving and doesn't respond to the movement of the mpu6050.

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  1. Marc Teys repo owner

    Sometimes when the IMU lose the i2C connection, it freezes. Are you sure that the wires are correctly connected? ( and that they don't move slightly when you move the IMU)

  2. onur sertgil

    Yes, I am sure, because I tested by living the mpu6050 still on table without moving it. It still stopped working after a few seconds. Thanks for the fast reply by the way.

  3. Marc Teys repo owner

    I don't have a MPU with me so I'll try to do my best to resolve the issue. I'll suggest some modifications, yeah time tell me what is the result: - Decrease the serial rate to 9600 (both on Arduino and Unity) - Comment the line 'while (!mpuInterrupt && fifoCount < packetSize) { } 'on the MPU sketch - Type "connected" in the serial monitor of Arduino IDE ( both NL & CR selected, as well as the proper baud rate)

    Thanks for your help

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