You didn't select any platform. Disabling Uduino.

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Good day! I am getting the following error "You didn't select any platform. Disabling Uduino." when I run a standalone game. At the same time, running the game in Editor environment doesn't lead to this error.

After debugging the issue I found that the error comes from this code in the UduinoConnection.cs:

///////////////////////////////////////////////////// public static UduinoConnection GetFinder(UduinoManager manager, Platform p, ConnectionMethod m) { UduinoConnection connection = null; #if UNITY_EDITOR || UNITY_STANDALONE //IF it's on the editor if (manager.activeExtentionsMap.ContainsValue(true)) { if (manager.ExtensionIsPresentAndActive("UduinoDevice_DesktopBluetoothLE")) connection = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CreateInstance("Uduino.UduinoConnection_DesktopBluetoothLE") as UduinoConnection; else if (manager.ExtensionIsPresentAndActive("UduinoDevice_Wifi")) connection = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CreateInstance("Uduino.UduinoConnection_Wifi") as UduinoConnection; else connection = new UduinoConnection_DesktopSerial(); } else { return null; <----- THE PROBLEM COMES FROM HERE } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I made a dirty fix for my project by changing this line to: connection = new UduinoConnection_DesktopSerial();

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