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I added 4 add command functions along with 7 command functions that already exist in the Uduino basic example, but the commands I added were not working even after I include #define MAX_COMMANDS 20. The code in both unity and arduino seems just fine.

Any ideas how can the add command function/send command function can work properly?

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  1. Marc Teys repo owner

    It was a good reflex to change MAX_COMMANDS, and it should have worked. I just saw your code and I think there might two potential different issues.

    First, it can be  a space issue. Indeed, the Arduino have a limited amount of space and memory; adding code, or library uses that space. Even though you augmented the number of commands, I think you the fact that you use the Uduino + Neopixel library might use two much space. In this case, maybe you can remove the unused commands (BundleReadPin and ReadBundle, for instance).

    Another potential issue is that the command names are too long. Maybe if you use a shorter name it will work.

    Another potential issue is that you could add a  delay(5); after

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