Unable to connect Arduino UNO [Impossible to get name on COM# , retrying, and eventually closes]

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We are unable to connect our arduino UNO with uduino, everytime we try to connect it ,it gives us the error "impossible to get name on COM11" and closes the port. We have tried to change the discovery rate and tries as well as some other methods, and have also tried a completely new Arduino UNO and nothing seems to fix it. We are able to see the arduino uno through our device manager and we are also able to push code to it through the arduino IDE but it is still not being detected by uduino. Any help would be appreciated, as this is crucial in our senior design project.

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  1. alychang

    We fixed this problem by reloading the Uduino code onto the arduino. We realized we might have overwritten that code with another program, and therefore it no longer had this uduino code on it.

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