Unity 3D positioning translate world movement X, Y, Z

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William Webb created an issue

Hi all,

I have been working for weeks, if not longer (I’m new, trying to learn), to try and get my BNO055 + Arduino (Nano 33 BLE) to translate positioning. I finally have rotation utilizing quaternions stable and translating great, so now trying to add world positioning (X, Y, Z) with the local rotation.

I have tried using a few different libraries, such as this one: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_BNO055/blob/master/examples/position/position.ino

I now have the object at least moving world position a little while rotating locally, but it is simply floating up like a balloon at a constant rate as soon as I move the IMU vs. translating the actual data stream.

(*Note: I am aware of single IMU expanding drift over time, but only need <10 seconds of read time increments)

Can ANYONE help?? Any guidance at all would be appreciated more than you know!

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