Merge rebaseif into rebase extension

Issue #10 open
Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt
repo owner created an issue

Mercurial core devs have said they're willing to accept a patch of rebase that adds rebaseif's logic. This is a good thing.


Until we patch mercurial, we could just add an option that makes hg pull --rebase == hg pull --rebaseif or something similar

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  1. Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt reporter

    Sorry. No update. I haven't had time to give this much love.

    It's quite a bit of work to provide a patch for Mercurial, esp on Windows where settings up the tests is an effort (at least it was a few years ago).

    If someone could contribute some tests, it'd help with getting it into Mercurial proper and make me more confident about the code and all the contributions as well.

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