fixwhitespace shouldn't convert files.

Issue #18 open
Asa Ayers
created an issue

On one project I work on we have some files with CRLF endings and when I run fixwhitespace it silently converts all of the line endings. I think it should maintain the original line endings and maybe offer an option if the user wants to convert line endings.

I've been looking through your code, but i'm not clear where this is happening, I think it may be unintentional.

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  1. Michael Rapson

    I have just proposed a change to resolve issue #21 that I expect to also improve this issue. A new flag check_ignores_CRLF has been added. If this is set to false, CRLF causes errors and will be converted. If this is set to true, CRLF does not causes errors and will not be converted.

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