check_hook fails when used with precommit hook

Issue #19 resolved
Michael Rapson
created an issue

check_hook takes 4 input parameters while fixup_hook takes 3. This means that while fixup_hook can be used as a precommit hook, check_hook cannot (under hg 2.2.3 at least). The documentation seems to imply that check_hook can be used as a precommit hook as well.

As a workaround, I have modified to provide a new hook precommit_check_hook where I use it. The hook is very simple, so I presume it could be incorporated into the check_hook method, possibly by providing a default value for node. My workaround hook:

def precommit_check_hook(ui, repo, hooktype, **kwargs): '''Blocks commits containing tabs and/or trailing whitespace from modified files in the working directory'''

ui.note('checkfiles: checking for tabs and/or trailing whitespace in changed files...\n')

cf = CheckFiles(ui, repo, repo[None])
return cf.check()

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