Line ending corrections (for Windows users)

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Ole Pinto
created an issue

Regarding issue #21: we use checkfiles on Windows, meaning line endings are CR/LF. It seems a nice addition to check/fix line endings besides tabs ans eol whitespace, but the eol mark should be configurable, even guessing the default from the OS we are running on.

The default for check_ignores_CRLF should IMHO be True, which would keep the previous behavior. I have lost some time guessing why a colleague would have his file modified during the commit, and an extra checker stopping the commit due to bad EOL (ie, not CR/LF). (I use the previous version, he has the current one).

I have had a look at the last commit (solving #21) thinking it could be an easy fix, but it doesn't seem so (for me, at least).

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