WS problems reported for file renames

Issue #6 open
Anonymous created an issue

If there is a file which historically had trailing whitespace, and I rename it (with no other modifications), the checkfiles hook complains. It should allow this to pass - I am not introducing any new violations, i.e. the true (Git-style) diff does not include any added lines with trailing whitespace.

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  1. Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt repo owner

    This ought to be better with the check_diffs option (or --diff arg), if we use the git format when looking at the diffs.

    However, it did not work to just enable --git style diffs inside (i.e. patch.diffui(... , opts=patch.diffopts(self.ui, opts={'git': True,}) ) but I'm sure it can be mended by fixing the nearby code.

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