The BlattWerkzeug-Project

Conventional development environments are programs that are tailored to suit the needs of professionals. Due to their complexity they do not lend themselves well to introduce pupils to programming. This project is the prototypical implementation of an educational software for database- and web-development.

To eliminate the possibility of syntactical errors while programming, the elements of the programming- or markup-languages are represented by graphical blocks, similar to the approach taken by the software Scratch. These blocks can be combined by using drag & drop operations. The syntactical structures of SQL and HTML are not hidden from the user, but it is not mandatory to internalize them. This approach allows pupils to program and share their own websites, without the need to type lines of code.

Where to start?

  • Not (yet?) a developer? Then you probably want to check out for the hosted version of this project. But beware: The current implementation of this software is not yet ready to be used in a classroom. It’s main purpose is to demonstrate and field test the various concepts.
  • You are a developer? Then you probably want to check out the manual.
  • Compilation Guide

About the name ...

For a lack of a better name, this is all I have got at the moment. I simply took the very generic term "page tool" and losely translated it into german. The project used to be called "esqulino", a phonetic play on the SQL-abbreviation ending in "lino", which is used by many popular programs on the german KIKA ("KinderKanal", german for "childrens channel").


This project itself is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). The documentation, including the masters thesis, is licensed under CC-BY-SA.