jQuery prettyPhoto Plugin for DokuWiki

All documentation for this plugin can be found within this README or at

If you install this plugin manually, make sure it is installed in lib/plugins/prettyphoto/ - if the folder is called different it will not work!

Please refer to for additional info on how to install plugins in DokuWiki.

Usage & Example

The default configuration of the plugin will provide a overlay box for images that are linked directly into the page:


The plugin is comes with an own renderer that automatically replaces internal image media links, which refer to the details page of the images, with direct links to the images. This is a convenience mechanism to save you typing "?direct" for each and every image link. See for further details about image links.

You can find a simple example at


The main magic happens within script.js, which will pull in a configuration file prettyphoto.conf.js, located in DokuWiki's conf/ folder. Two javascript variables will be tested within the configuration file,


which defines the media item link for the DokuWiki installation. By default, DokuWiki uses "lib/exe/fetch.php?media=", your installation however might use different links, changed by rewrite rules. If this is the case, you should set

var PRETTYPHOTO_PLUGIN_MEDIAPATH = "<your media path>";

within prettyphoto.conf.js. To customize the behaviour of the prettyPhoto overlay, you can use


which contains the prettyPhoto configuration to be used (see for further details on customizing), e.g.

var PRETTYPHOTO_PLUGIN_PARAMS = { social_tools: '' };

for disabling social media integration.


You can download the plugin by fetching a snapshot of the most current source version via

Separate downloads are not provided to make the plugin update from within DokuWiki as easy as possible.


The code is given to the Public Domain.

Please note that the code of jquery.prettyPhoto.js as well as the contents of the images/ folder and style.css are not covered by this. They are seperately licensed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License. See for further details.