This is the (always incomplete) README for LJGF,
the Lightweight Java Game Framework.

License: Public Domain

0. Description
1. Installation
   1.1 Dependencies
2. Getting started

0. Description

LJGF is a small game framewok for Java, which features a simple sprite
system, wrappers for applets and frames, multiple in-game screens using
state systems and Bitmap font rendering capabilities.

1. Installation

The LJGF package ships with a precompiled jar, which can be found under
the dist directory and be directly referenced from your own code.
You also can compile it yourself using Apache's Ant[0].

The build script for Ant contains the following tasks:

    clean           - Cleans up.
    compile         - Compiles the sources.
    compile-test    - Compiles the sources including the JUnit unit tests.
    test            - Executes the JUnit unit tests.
    dist            - Creates a redistributable Jar under dist.
    doc             - Creates the API documentation under docs.
    example         - Executes the shipped example in an own thread.
    package         - Prepares a source distribution package (like this one).


1.1 Dependencies

The framework relies on Java 6, which can be downloaded from

2. Getting started

You can find a very small example under src/org/ljgf/example, which
demonstrates some features of LJGF.