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- works with PyPy 2.1

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 	$(top_srcdir)/doc/modules \
-INTERPRETERS = python2.7 python3.2 python3.3 pypy2.0
+INTERPRETERS = python2.7 python3.2 python3.3 pypy
 all: clean build
 	@echo "Cleaning up in $(top_srcdir)/ ..."
-	@rm -f *.cache *.core *~ MANIFEST *.pyc *.orig
+	@rm -f *.cache *.core *~ MANIFEST *.pyc *.orig *.rej
 	@rm -rf __pycache__
 	@rm -rf build dist doc/html
 		if test -f $$dir/Makefile; then \
 			make -C $$dir clean; \
 		fi; \
-		cd $$dir && rm -f *.cache *.core *~ MANIFEST *.pyc *.orig; \
+		cd $$dir && rm -f *.cache *.core *~ MANIFEST *.pyc *.orig *.rej; \
 @IF "%PYPY18%" == "" SET PYPY18=c:\pypy-1.8\pypy.exe
 @IF "%PYPY19%" == "" SET PYPY19=c:\pypy-1.9\pypy.exe
 @IF "%PYPY20%" == "" SET PYPY20=c:\pypy-2.0\pypy.exe
+@IF "%PYPY21%" == "" SET PYPY21=c:\pypy-2.1\pypy.exe
 @IF "%IRONPYTHON27_X86%" == "" SET IRONPYTHON27_X86=c:\IronPython-2.7.3\ipy.exe
 @IF "%IRONPYTHON27_X64%" == "" SET IRONPYTHON27_X64=c:\IronPython-2.7.3\ipy64.exe
 @SET INTERP_X86=%PYTHON27_X86%;%PYTHON32_X86%;%PYTHON33_X86%;%PYPY18%;^
- %PYPY19%;%PYPY20%;%IRONPYTHON27_X86%
+ %PYPY19%;%PYPY20%;%PYPY21%;%IRONPYTHON27_X86%
 @IF "%~1" == "" GOTO :all
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