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Added AUDIO_FORMATS to __all__ in audio. Added doc entry to sdl2.rst for AUDIO_FORMATS

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File doc/modules/sdl2.rst

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    Tuple containing all SDL2 pixel format constants (SDL_PIXELFORMAT_INDEX1LSB,
    ..., SDL_PIXELFORMAT_RGB565, ...).
+.. data:: AUDIO_FORMATS
+   Set containing all SDL2 audio format constants (AUDIO_U8, AUDIO_S8,
+   ... AUDIO_F32LSB, ... ).
 .. function:: sdl2.rw_from_object(obj : object) -> SDL_RWops
    Creates a SDL_RWops from any Python object. The Python object must at least

File sdl2/audio.py

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            "AUDIO_S8", "AUDIO_U16LSB", "AUDIO_S16LSB", "AUDIO_U16MSB",
            "AUDIO_S16MSB", "AUDIO_U16", "AUDIO_S16", "AUDIO_S32LSB",
            "AUDIO_S32MSB", "AUDIO_S32", "AUDIO_F32LSB", "AUDIO_S32MSB",
-           "AUDIO_F32", "AUDIO_U16SYS", "AUDIO_S16SYS", "AUDIO_S32SYS",
            "SDL_AUDIO_ALLOW_ANY_CHANGE", "SDL_AudioCallback", "SDL_AudioSpec",