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Add documentation for sdl2.ext.Renderer.logical_size

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File doc/modules/sdl2ext_sprite.rst

       requires a :class:`sdl2.ext.FontManager` to be in *kwargs* or
-.. class:: Renderer(target : obj[, index=-1[, flags=sdl2.SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED]])
+.. class:: Renderer(target : obj[, logical_size=None[, index=-1[, flags=sdl2.SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED]])
    A rendering context for windows and sprites that can use hardware or
    software-accelerated graphics drivers.
       The target for which the :class:`Renderer` was created.
+   .. attribute:: logical_size
+      The logical size of the renderer.
+      Setting this allows you to draw as if your renderer had this size, even
+      though the taret may be larger or smaller. When drawing, the renderer will
+      automatically scale your contents to the target, creating letter-boxing or
+      sidebars if necessary.
+      To reset your logical size back to the target's, set it to ``(0, 0)``.
+      Setting this to a lower value may be useful for low-resolution effects.
+      Setting this to a larger value may be useful for antialiasing.
    .. attribute:: color
       The :class:`sdl2.ext.Color` to use for draw and fill operations.