Marcus von Appen committed 7ff463c

- FontManager.size does not need to be a property, since we do not do
anything special with it

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    .. attribute:: size
-      The font size in pixels.
+      The default font size in pixels.
    .. method:: add(font_path : str[, alias=None[, size=None]]) -> sdl2.sdlttf.TTF_Font
         self._bgcolor = pixels.SDL_Color(c.r, c.g, c.b, c.a)
-    def size(self):
-        """The font size in pixels."""
-        return self._size
-    @size.setter
-    def size(self, value):
-        """The font size in pixels."""
-        self._size = value
-    @property
     def default_font(self):
         """Returns the name of the current default_font."""
         for alias in self.fonts: