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- release notes for 0.5.0

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 # built documents.
 # The short X.Y version.
-version = '0.4'
+version = '0.5'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '0.4.1'
+release = '0.5.0'
 # The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
 # for a list of supported languages.
 :mod:`sdl2.sdlimage`, :mod:`sdl2.sdlmixer`, :mod:`sdl2.sdlttf` or
-.. note::
-   Neither SDL2 nor the related versions for SDL_image, SDL_mixer,
-   SDL_ttf or SDL_gfx are officially released yet. Thus, a binary
-   version is not available. You can obtain a set of unofficial binaries
-   (based on the current development version of those projects) from
 You can either use the python way of installing the package or the make
 This describes the latest changes between the PySDL2 releases.
+Released on 2013-08-14.
+* new :class:`sdl2.ext.FontManager` class, which provides simple TTF font
+  rendering.
+* new :meth:`sdl2.ext.SpriteFactory.from_text()` method, which creates
+  text sprites
+* put the SDL2 dll path at the beginning of PATH, if a PYSDL2_DLL_PATH
+  is provided to avoid loading issues for third party DLLs on Win32
+  platforms
+* minor documentation fixes
+Thanks to Dan Gillett for providing the FontManager and from_text()
+enhancements and his patience regarding all the small change requests.
+Thanks to Mihail Latyshov for providing fixes to the documentation.
 Released on 2013-07-26.