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+.. _faq:
+This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about PySDL2. If you think,
+something is missing, please suggest it!
+On importing...
+... my script fails and complains that a SDL2 library could not be found!
+   Do you use a 64-bit operating system? Please make sure, that the Python
+   interpreter *and* that the SDL2 libraries are either 64-bit ones *or*
+   32-bit ones. A 32-bit Python interpreter can't deal with a 64-bit library
+   and vice versa.
+   Do you have the libraries properly installed? Did you follow the operating
+   system's way of installing or registering libraries? If you placed the
+   libraries in some folder, make sure that the ``PYSDL2_DLL_PATH``
+   environment variable points to the correct location.
+... the sdl2 API is weird. Why do you use the SDL\_ prefix all the time?
+   The low-level APIs for SDL2, SDL2\_mixer, SDL2\_ttf, ... shall represent a 
+   clean wrapping around the original C API calls. Thus, if you have to search
+   for documentation or want to make a Python to C conversion (or C to Python),
+   most of the code cleanly maps to the original API naming and layout and you
+   do not have to think about whether you had to use SDL\_ or TTF\_ or whatever
+   as prefix or suffix.
+... the sdl2 API is does not comply to PEP-8. Please make it PEP-8 compatible.
+   Most of the API is PEP-8 compatible. The low-level bindings to SDL2 and
+   related libraries however use the exact naming (including capital letters)
+   as the functions or structures, they map to. See the previous entry for
+   the reason of that.
+How do I...
+... save my surfaces as image files?
+   You can use :func:`sdl2.SDL_SaveBMP()` to save them as bitmap files. Other
+   formats are currently unsupported, but might be added to
+   the :mod:`sdl2.ext` package in the future.
+Font handling...
+... is too hard. Why can't it work the same way as pygame does?
+   The :mod:`sdl2.sdlttf` API does not know about platform-specific font
+   locations and is unable to resolve font paths based on e.g. the font name
+   or typeface. It's not its job and PySDL2 likewise does not provide such
+   functionality. If you need improved font detection support, you might want
+   to take a look at the sysfont module of the python-utils project, which can
+   be found at

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