Shape Window not showing on desktop

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Mihail Latyshov created an issue


I try to create a "tv overlay" for racing game

If i use c with mingw from this example shaped window shown like this

but if i try to do the same with python, window created and shaped, but not shown on desktop

my python code is:

import sys

    import sdl2
    import sdl2.ext as sdl2ext
except ImportError:
    import traceback

from sdl2.ext import Resources
RESOURCES = Resources(__file__, "resources")

class ShapeWindow(sdl2ext.Window):
    def __init__(self, title, size, position=None, flags=None):
        if position is None:
            position = self.DEFAULTPOS
        if flags is None:
            flags = self.DEFAULTFLAGS
        window = sdl2.SDL_CreateShapedWindow(sdl2ext.compat.byteify(title, "utf-8"),
                                             position[0], position[1],
                                             size[0], size[1], flags)
        if not window:
            raise SDLError()
        self.window = window.contents
        self._renderer = None


# window = sdl2ext.Window("Hello World!", size=(800, 500))
window = ShapeWindow("Hello World!", size=(800, 500))

renderer = sdl2ext.RenderContext(window)
factory = sdl2ext.SpriteFactory(sdl2ext.TEXTURE, renderer=renderer)

circle_sf = sdl2ext.load_image(RESOURCES.get_path("circle2.bmp"))
circle = factory.from_surface(circle_sf)

shape_mode = sdl2.SDL_WindowShapeMode()
shape_mode.mode = sdl2.ShapeModeColorKey
shape_mode.parameters.colorKey = (0, 0, 0, 255)
sdl2.SDL_SetWindowShape(window.window, circle_sf, shape_mode)

spriterenderer = factory.create_sprite_renderer(window)

processor = sdl2ext.TestEventProcessor()


can you point me, what i'm doing wrong?

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  1. Marcus von Appen repo owner

    You must give the window a position on the screen. By default, a shape window is set with a position off-screen (-1000, -1000) by SDL2.
    It also must be made resizable via the flags.

    window = ShapeWindow("Hello World!", (800, 500), (200, 200), sdl2.SDL_WINDOW_RESIZABLE)

    Once done, after setting the window shape, you should set the size of the window to the size of the surface to render:

    sdl2.SDL_SetWindowShape(window.window, circle_sf, shape_mode)
    sdl2.SDL_SetWindowSize(window.window, circle.size[0], circle.size[1])
  2. swetarkshatak

    testshape.c not work on my visual out error -"SDL_Shape requires at least one bitmap file as argument."....please help me.where i put the path of bmp file in testshape.c ....

  3. Marcus von Appen repo owner

    SDL2's testshape.c is a console application, you need to pass the bitmap on the console:

    testshape.exe yourbitmap.bmp

  4. Noel Luneburg

    I see the circle does not have smooth edges. I have the same problem when running testshape.c, regardless of whether I use an alpha mask or color key the background.

    Is there a solution to this? Can the separation between picture (shaped window) and background be smoother?

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