sdl2.ext.RenderContext -> sdl2.ext.Renderer

Issue #36 resolved
anatoly techtonik created an issue

It looks like sdl2.ext.RenderContext is the same type of object as sdl2.ext.SpriteRenderer and sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderer. Why it is not named just sdl2.ext.Renderer for consistency?

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  1. Marcus von Appen repo owner

    They are not the same type of object.

    The RenderContext provides the low-level functionality of drawing onto a target, while the SpriteRenderer, SoftwareSpriteRenderer and TextureSpriteRenderer

    • only take care of Sprite objects
    • are higher-level System implementations for a COP design
  2. anatoly techtonik reporter

    Yes, but the basic API is Renderer API, not RendererContext API. I'd rename those *Renderers to SpriteComponent which is subclass of Renderer. Because System call are not connected to Renderer API.

  3. anatoly techtonik reporter

    I mean that I needed just a plain helper for working with SDL2 Renderer and I was confused to see RenderContext instead. SpriteRenderer and friends are clearly superior to RenderContext, but they are too far from SDL2 renderer concept, no?

  4. Marcus von Appen repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Issue #39 seems to go into a somewhat similar direction. The names are not clear enough (d'oh).

    To be more precise I would think that the following naming scheme might fit better, then (as you suggested):

    sdl2.ext.RenderContext --> sdl2.ext.Renderer

    sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderer --> sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderSystem

    sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderer --> sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderSystem

  5. anatoly techtonik reporter

    Looks perfect. I would simplify it even more:

    sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderer --> sdl2.ext.SoftwareSprite (RenderSystem) sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderer --> sdl2.ext.TextureSprite (RenderSystem)

    And (RenderSystem) is the common parent class and interface.

  6. Marcus von Appen repo owner
    • fixed issue #36 and #39: the different render classes of sdl2.ext.sprite were renamed
    • the sdl2.ext.RenderContext class was renamed to sdl2.ext.Renderer to be consistent with with SDL2's naming scheme
    • sdl2.ext.SpriteRenderer was renamed to sdl2.ext.SpriteRenderSystem
    • sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderer was renamed to sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderSystem
    • sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderer was renamed to sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderSystem

    → <<cset d7246b14e4c6>>

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