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Issue #46 resolved

Upload pysdl2 to pypi

Matthew Iversen
created an issue
From pip 1.5 onwards, it will not install external downloads by default. i.e: ``` $ pip install pysdl2 Downloading/unpacking pysdl2 Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement pysdl2 Some externally hosted files were ignored (use --allow-external pysdl2 to allow). Cleaning up... No distributions at all found for pysdl2 Storing debug log for failure in /home/ivo/.pip/pip.log ``` For this, any pip user would now have to enter: `pip install pysdl2 --allow-external pysdl2 --allow-unverified pysdl2` It is possible to fix this so `pip install pysdl2` works again, simply by uploading the library to PyPI. you can do this through `python setup.py sdist --formats=zip,gztar upload`, or use `python setup.py sdist --formats=zip,gztar` and `twine upload dist/*` if you have the cool [twine](https://pypi.python.org/pypi/twine/) tool installed.

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  1. Marcus von Appen repo owner

    Although I question the road, pip takes here, unless the infrastructure for pypi provides a full chain of trust, I can see the additional hurdle to overcome when installing using that excessive usage of option knobs.

    I'll consider this for the next release.

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