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Following the same concept/format as the SDL testhaptic, please find attached a python script to do the same.

simon@bigbox:~/PySDL2-0.9.2/examples$ python testhaptic.py
Trying to find haptics
Found 0 : G27 Racing Wheel
Found 1 : Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller
Using device 0
   effect 0 Sine Wave
   effect 1 Triangle
   effect 2 Sawtooth Up
   effect 3 Sawtooth Down
   effect 4 Ramp
   effect 5 Constant Force
   effect 6 Left/Right
      Bug 'leftright' not defined
Now playing effects for 5 seconds each with 1 second delay between
   Playing effect 0
   Playing effect 1
   Playing effect 2
   Playing effect 3
   Playing effect 4
   Playing effect 5
   Playing effect 6

Minor bug (in PySDL2) is that 'leftright' argument for HapticEffect is not defined.

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  1. Martin Egginton

    thanks for this useful script. Trying to get this to work with my G27 hardware

    I get the same output as above, but there is no response from the wheel itself. All of the id values are returned as -1.

    I checked sdl2.SDL_GetError() but it returns "Haptic error Unable to create effect"
    I also checked sdl2.SDL_HapticEffectSupported(haptic,efx[nefx]) which returns 1

    Do you have any ideas where I may be going wrong? Using PySDL2 0.9.3 and Python 2.7.6

    Many thanks in advance,

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