_findlib() in dll.py doesn't find library in osx when using PYSDL2_DLL_PATH

Issue #74 closed
Arthur Yidi
created an issue
  • line 17: pattern = "lib%s.dylib"

should be

  • line 17: pattern = "%s"

SDL Framework doesn't contain a libSDL2.dylib file just SDL2

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  1. Lethosor

    SDL2 should be located as well in lines 36-39:

        for libname in searchfor:
            dllfile = find_library(libname)
            if dllfile:

    Edit: Ah, this won't work if SDL2.framework is only found in PYSDL2_PATH, but the solution you suggested will break anything that uses libSDL2.dylib (which is possible) entirely. find_library() doesn't seem to be as easily configurable - does appending PYSDL2_PATH to os.environ['PATH'] work?

  2. Marcus von Appen repo owner

    Is there anything left to be done? Since my knowledge and testing capabilities about the OSX shared library detection mechanisms are limited, a proper way to fix this (if there is any), is highly appreciated.

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