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- improved make.bat for x64/x86 testing
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- Added flip and rotation support to sdl2.ext.Renderer.copy()
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Initial commit
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- Fixed issue #98: Receiving ValueError when running import sdl
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- added SDL_RENDER_DEVICE_RESET event type
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- Added Python 3.6 test support
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About PySDL2

PySDL2 is a wrapper around the SDL2 library and as such similar to the discontinued PySDL project. In contrast to PySDL, it has no licensing restrictions, nor does it rely on C code, but uses ctypes instead.


PySDL2 is easy to install and integrate within your own projects. Just follow Python's standard procedure of installing packages or look for a prebuilt package for your operating system or distribution.


If you just started with SDL and PySDL2, it is strongly recommended that you read through the tutorial of the documentation to learn the basics. You can find the documentation at doc/html or online at http://pysdl2.readthedocs.org.


This library is given to the public domain. There are no licensing restrictions. Please see doc/copying.rst for further details.