python-utils / README.txt

About python-utils
python-utils is a loose set of modules and packages, that can be easily
dropped into any Python project. They are usually small (code to read),
easy to use and limited in the functionality, they provide.

Available packages and modules

* test.util - unit test enhancements
* utils.array - n-dimensional buffer access classes
* utils.compat - Python 2.x/3.x compatibility helpers
* utils.dojo - Training classes for functions and algorithms
* utils.dll - easier ctypes DLL loading
* utils.ebs - simple entity/component-based framework
* utils.resources - easy resource management for Python applications
* utils.scene - simple scene management
* utils.sysfont - system font handling helpers   

There is nothing to install. Just copy the files, you want to use, into
your own project.

You can find the documentation at *doc/html* (after building it) or online at

All code within this project is given to the public domain. There are no
licensing restrictions. Please see *COPYING.txt* for further details.
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