Peer Sommerlund  committed 698fc26

sync: Make sure patchbomb extension is loaded

When trying to email patches without having the mailbomb extension
enabled, you would get some traceback complaining about a missing
response function. This patch loads the extension no matter what
the hgrc file does.

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File hggtk/

             self.repo = None
-        for name, module in extensions.extensions():
-            if name == 'patchbomb':
-                break
-        else:
-            error_dialog(self, 'Email not enabled',
-                    'You must enable the patchbomb extension to use this tool')
-            self.response(gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL)
+        extensions.load(self.repo.ui, 'patchbomb', None)
         if initial:
             # Only zap these fields at startup