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Hi there and welcome to the official RLV issue tracker. Whether you are a viewer developer, a scripter, a user, or all of the above, you are welcome to use this board to discuss of your favorite topics about the RLV with other people.

So after a long time, I finally decided to open an issue tracker for the Restrained Love Viewer and Specification. This tracker is meant to keep track of all the bug reports and ideas for both the specification and the implementation(s) of the Restrained Love system (commonly referred to as "RLV", although the "V" stands for "Viewer") in Second Life and other grids.

I was always opposed to such a system in the past, preferring one-on-one discussions to full-fledged front-end dashboards. But the audience is wide now, and people want to be able to discuss their bug reports and feature suggestions openly with others, without letting me become a bottleneck.

At the time of this writing, several implementations of the RLV are co-existing in SL. The two main ones are "Marine's RLV" (that's mine, which is the one you find on this bitbucket repository) and "Kitty's RLVa" ("a" for "alternate"), which is actually a lot more widespread since it is part of Phoenix, Firestorm and many other Third Party Viewers.

The immediate plan is to "merge" RLV and RLVa to make a "unified RLV". This "merge" is certainly going to be just "switch to RLVa, add some features from the original RLV and stop working on the latter", but in the end there will be only one main implementation instead of two.

In other words, the original RLV is likely to become a Firestorm + RLV unified + original RLV specific enhancements.

This is why you will find two compoments in which to file the bug reports. RLVORIG is for the code that I maintained before the merge, while RLVUNIF is for the unified RLV that results of the merge. As there are other implementations out there, more components may be added to keep everything in one place.

Moreso, there is a "RLVSPEC" component to discuss of issues with the specification itself, and new commands that you'd like to see. Keep in mind that not all that is discussed there will be validated, of course. New features shall not break existing ones.

The "Announcements" component is read-only, and used to send out news about the RLV.

Finally, you will find a "Discussions" component in which you are free to create issues to discuss of ideas that you have, or even user stories, a little like a forum. You can see this component as fertile grounds for new features, the most serious ones leading to the creation of new issues into the RLV* components.

Have fun !


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