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update intensity stat test

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     for strn, ip in inten_profiles:
         ip = np.array(ip)
         if ip.size:
-            # standardize intensity profiles of all tracks in strain
+            # do not standardize intensity profiles of tracks in strain
+            # due to evaluation of statistical significance
             #ip = utils.standardize(ip)
             ip[np.isnan(ip)] = 0
             strain2inten_profiles[strn] = ip
             strain2inten_profiles[strn] = ip
     # standardize intensity profiles at the level of subplate (batch effects)
+    # if not evaluating statistical significance
     # divide strains into two groups (wt, non-wt)
     wt_strains, nwt_strains = utils.partition_subplate(strain2orf, wt_name)
     # perform stats test
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