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     Maximum merge score:50
     Maximum gap:5
-    Select the type of image to save:Image
-    Select the image to save:AlignedOrigImage
-    Select the objects to save:None
-    Select the module display window to save:None
-    Select method for constructing file names:Sequential numbers
-    Select image name for file prefix:OrigImage
-    Enter file prefix:\\g<Movie>-aligned-
-    Do you want to add a suffix to the image file name?:No
-    Text to append to the image name:
-    Select file format to use:tif
-    Output file location:Default Output Folder\x7CNone
-    Image bit depth:16
-    Overwrite existing files without warning?:Yes
-    Select how often to save:Every cycle
-    Rescale the images? :No
-    Save as grayscale or color image?:Grayscale
-    Select colormap:gray
-    Store file and path information to the saved image?:No
-    Create subfolders in the output folder?:No
-ExportToSpreadsheet:[module_num:14|svn_version:\'Unknown\'|variable_revision_number:7|show_window:False|notes:\x5B\'Save computed measures to spreadsheet file. \'\x5D]
+ExportToSpreadsheet:[module_num:13|svn_version:\'Unknown\'|variable_revision_number:7|show_window:False|notes:\x5B\'Save computed measures to spreadsheet file. \'\x5D]
     Select or enter the column delimiter:Comma (",")
     Prepend the output file name to the data file names?:Yes
     Add image metadata columns to your object data file?:No