What's chmod-fu?

Ever been curios about what those numbers means in a chmod command?

Well, wonder no more! Learn and master the art of chmod-fu.

With chmod-fu's super easy to use user-interface you can decipher those octal values in a blink of an eye. You choose if you want to click on individual bits, such as read, write, execute, or select a pre-defined octal value, both are available to suite your preference.

About chmod-fu

chmod-fu is written by Mario Boikov and the software is released under the Apache license version 2.0.

This application was primarily written to learn more about Cascades, the Qt-based API for BB10, and to find out what actions are required to publish an application on BlackBerry App World.

Some API/technologies used creating this application:

  • Exposing C++ components to QML

  • Translation, supports English and Swedish

  • QSettings for persisting settings

  • WebView in ScrollView with pinch zoom support

  • ApplicationMenu (swipe down) exposed to QML

  • ListView with local xml data model

  • TitleBar with accept button when the Page is used as a Sheet

Hope this application will be useful to someone since I'm already mastering the art of chmod-fu :)